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Posted at 11:00 - 27th July - Angela Mitchel - Vacation

So it's 2020, but you're still rocking a slim and pocket sized iPhone 6/7 and see friends around you charing wirelessly on their new phones. Feel like you’re missing out but no plans to upgrade anytime soon? We’ve got you covered.

iPhone 6,7 plus models just missed out on built-in Wireless Charging

If you keep up with Apple news and launches, you will know that in 2017 Apple introduced its new range of flagship iPhones with built in Qi wireless charging: iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Xs. Since then, all phones launched then and into the future will incorporate this technology. Wireless charging is here to stay.


So why would I want to charge wirelessly?

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If you are new to wireless charging, you may be wondering what the benefits are to charging with a wireless charger over a traditional cable. Here are our top reasons why we love wireless charging.


  1. SImple and efficient -Wireless charging is simple and efficient. Welcome to 2020. No more searching for charging cables, simply place your phone down and watch charging begin immediately.


  1. No wear and tear - How many times have you replaced your charging cable? Plugging your phone in and out everyday takes its toll on our charging cables. This is not the case when using a wireless charger. Charing starts immediately on contact, leaving the charging port practically brand new.


  1. Less clutter -We add more and more devices to our lives each year. The least you can do is remove some cables from your life. There are also wireless charging sations that can charge 3 devices at the one time, all from the single cable. Minimise clutter and mess in your life with wireless charging.


Learn more on the benefits of wireless charging here.

Expert Thoughts

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