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Nine Powerful People: get to know the individuals that make SnapWireless so great

Nine Powerful People: get to know the individuals that make SnapWireless so great

Office dynamics, no matter how many companies you’ve worked for, you’ll probably find yourself meeting a lot of different people throughout your career. Sometimes your colleagues can become your competition, frenemies or if you’re lucky, close friends… Here at SnapWireless, we’re a second family!

As the years go by, some of us may change careers, roles or stay in the same place. Whichever path you choose, you’ll without a doubt notice a few personality types in your workplace.

So without further ado, let’s introduce you to our incredible team of nine.

Meet Fash, our Operations & Logistics Guru at SnapWireless. He is also our residential prankee in the office. If you’re not quite sure what we’re referring to, head over to our TikTok (you won’t be disappointed).

Fash is more than just our logistics guy though, he’s the one who knows the ins and outs at Snap.

He’s an all-rounder, great at everything and loved by everyone in the office, which is why if Fash was a SnapWireless product, he’d have to be our PowerBase 2.

Say hello to Lauren, our Customer Care Specialist and Content Cruncher. Lauren is the ball of energy every office needs on a Monday morning.

She’s full of happiness and good banter, but watch out, no matter what you leave on your desk, whether it’s snacks or new stationery, she’ll snap it up and claim it as her own.

We refer to Lauren as our PowerPack because she’s a little pocket rocket in the office.

Introducing our Co-Founder Mark, he’s the kind of person who’s super busy and always has something happening (if you need to borrow his pen you might want to book in an appointment!).

Rumour has it that even his partner has to send him Google Calendar invites for dinner.

Out of all our products, Mark would be the SnapBase 2. He’s iconic, clever and a wizard at what he does, working effectively and efficiently under pressure.

Where do we start with our Marketing Manager, Locky? He’s an early bird and a quiet achiever but exceptional at everything he puts his mind to.

Although, I do wonder if he sleeps at the office since he’s always the last to leave and the first to get there every morning.

If Locky was a Snap product, he’d definitely be our ChargeMat, extremely efficient, practical and with utmost style.  

Say hello to our co-founder, Michael. You know that one person you go to for great advice or when you need something done? Well, that’s Michael. Need a hand with a campaign? He’s there. Need advice for the best Soju bar in town? Michael’s your guy.

If Michael was a SnapWireless product, he’d be our newest SnapShield, a strong and durable character that always has your back. 

Nobin is our MVP...(most valuable programmer)

He’s an absolute genius when it comes to all things web development. Nobin, much like our Quick Charge Plug, is speedy and efficient. Our QC plug is suggested to be used with most of our products and is absolutely vital for the functioning of our powerhouse product, the PowerBase 2. Every successful business needs a Nobin!

Myles our videographer, is the Dwight of the office. If you have no clue who or what I’m talking about, Dwight Kurt Schrute III is a fictional character on The Office.

Dwight is inventive, creative and intelligent whilst also a strong analytical and abstract thinker, so this is why, if Myles was a product, he’d be the SnapMount. He’s pretty great, very original and there’s something very cool about him.

Now introducing our latest addition to our Customer Care Team, Ash. She's the girl everyone gets along with and the type of person you could chat with for days on end about the most wholesome of topics.

She's an all-rounder, with experience and background in social media, customer care, web design, support work and also owned a catering business. She's a pretty talented girl to say the least, and if she was a product would be our PowerBase because she's pretty skilful.

Last but definitely not least, meet me! I’m Jordi and I’m the go-to girl for all your Influencer and Social Media campaigns. Yes, I’m the employee with pink all over her desk and an organisation queen.

If I don’t have a diary or schedule, I’m a mess. I’m a little dramatic and usually bring a little bit of sass with me wherever I go.

Personally, I’d refer to myself as the SnapMag Leather Case since I’m definitely the most stylish and a bit of a trend setter if I do say so myself! 😉

That’s us! Hopefully you have a better idea of what makes our team so unique. All jokes aside, I am so grateful to be working amongst such an inspiring group of young individuals. If you enjoyed this blog post, make sure you follow us on all the socials and definitely catch up on that prank video!

Stay Powerful SnapFam 👊

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