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For the past 33 days, we’ve been powering Cain Rice as he attempts to walk 60 kilometres, every single day for 50 days, to raise $10,000 for the Smith Family.

To put this in perspective, that’s a total of walking 3,000km in this time - the equivalent of walking from Adelaide to Darwin, and a quarter of the way back again. 

Before we go on, let’s quickly take you back to the beginning…

Our team met Cain around 2 months ago, after learning from our Content Cruncher, Lauren about her housemate, who was attempting such a feat.

Amazed and intrigued, we invited Cain into the office, in the hopes to learn more about what he was doing, and how we could help his cause.  

We soon realised how strong minded Cain was, and were blown away by his can-do attitude so decided to jump on board as his sponsor.

Meet Cain Rice.

Adelaide born and raised, according to Cain, he’s had a pretty privileged upbringing, living with his Mum (Ann), Dad (Harry), and younger brother (Luke), Cain describes his family dynamics as super close knit.

Cain’s life was pretty easy going, until 2019 when he had his accident. It all turned on its head after crashing into a tree at 80 km per hour, coming down from Crafers, SA.

Cain explains that he didn’t realise the severity of the situation until the ambulance came. He headed to hospital where they soon found out the accident had resulted in three spinal fractures, a fractured left arm, two legs that needed to learn how to walk again and some pretty busted up knees.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the end of his injuries sustained from the accident. Two weeks later Cain also experienced a significant blood clot after wearing a compression sleeve to bed.

However, Cain doesn’t let his accident define him, and says he wants to prove to youngsters that even if you fail every day, you can still get up and do it again, no matter how crazy your dream is. Cain says the biggest lie anyone has ever been told is “it’s not that simple” and contradicts it by saying, “It is, you just have to do it!”.

Cain lives by the quote “everyone’s hard is different” and exclaims he’s just trying to find his.

How the Journey is going…

Cain is currently on day 33 of his 50 day journey and we couldn’t be prouder. Initially, Cain approached this challenge with the mindset that he’d keep pushing to complete 60 km a day no matter what, even when his mind said no. However, after day two, he unfortunately experienced some issues as a result of his previous injuries including:

  • Swollen left ankle tendon
  • Swollen tendons behind both knees
  • Shin splints in both legs
  • Swollen shin muscle
  • Left foot bone inflamed.

All which resulted in him falling on average twice every kilometre.

He realised there was a lot more to his walk than what he first anticipated and started his own journey of self-discovery.

On day four, his purpose completely transformed...

He released a statement announcing that he would need to let go of initial goal. “It’s no longer about how far I can walk, but about how many days I can get up and keep going, even when I’ve failed”.

Although Cain’s body reached its physical limitations, he has kept getting up, morning after morning. Instead, changing his mindset to pushing himself out of his comfort zone, and never quitting. In an interview with him, Cain said “ It’s ok to fail and learn from those failures, but quitting just is not an option!”

From day one, Cain wanted to show others what the human body is capable of when working in tandem with the mind. He chose 60 km because it hadn’t been done before, and initially, he didn’t know if he was able to do it, asking his audience “why would I choose something I knew I could do?”

The journey ahead

Cain may not be hitting 60km every day, but instead, will continue to get up every morning, and try again, and again, and we believe this is an achievement in itself. The new goal is to walk a marathon (42km) a day for the remaining days.  

We’ve loved joining him on his journey and can’t wait to see where this takes him. Over the past few weeks our team has been busy creating care packages, editing, and publishing videos, photos, and blogs as well as reaching out to multiple media outlets in the hope to gain as much engagement as possible, so that Cain can reach his end goal. However, there’s always more you can do! We know he would absolutely love your help too!

So, how can you help Cain?

If you're a local Adelaidian, we'd love for you to come down and say hi, however, we understand it's not always possible for the rest of Australia, especially those in lock down! To donate to his cause, click here! Alternatively, if you don’t want to donate, share and comment on one of our posts! We’d love to hear from you.

How much has he raised?

So far, Cain has raised just shy of $6,000 which will help allow disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, assisting them to create a better future for themselves.

If you enjoyed this story and want to follow Cain’s journey, make sure you subscribe to our blog, as we provide weekly updates. If you do want to follow his journey more closely, make sure to head over to his Instagram @cainrice_ where he posts daily updates.

We hope this has inspired you to always be the best version of yourself.

Stay Powerful SnapFam!

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