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I am overseas, will I be charged duties/VAT?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this. Every country has its own rules regarding products coming in and the taxes and duties related to the value. Some countries have a high threshold value, meaning there is a high chance you will not be charged extra taxes or duties, whereas some countries have a very low value, and you will most likely be charged when your item arrives in your country. We strive to provide the best possible experience when shipping around the world however the fees are not in our control and is not something we cover. If you are charged these fees, you will need to pay in order for you to receive your items. If unclaimed, it will most likely be returned to our warehouse, we are not able to refund shipping fees if this happens. If you need more help regarding this issue, please contact us!

Where do you ship to? How much is it? How long does it take?

We’re based in Adelaide, Australia and we ship worldwide. We use local AusPost inside Australia and use DHL express for worldwide orders to make sure you get it FAST. Find everything you need to know about shipping in our shipping page here.

Track status of your back-order?

Track back-order update in our status page here.

Track Your Order

Track and trace with your email and order number to see your delivery information.

If you have chosen a shipping method with tracking we will attach the tracking number to your order confirmation email. You can click on track my order to find all your order tracking information from popup.